Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Who? The What? The Where? The Why?

I feel that writing your first blog post is something that puts people off ever starting a blog at all. However! Here I am, I'm into my second week as the Assistant Manager of Ruby Rocks, into my third year at the London College of Fashion, and into my 21st year of life.

So what is this all about? A platform to shout about my adventures into a degree, adventures into a real life job, and my interests in music, fashion and just generally my life.,

I thought I'd begin by blogging something that's actually interesting, rather than just ending this post here. This summer I was a shift leader with the Oxfam Festival Shop, and what an opportunity and delight it was. I travelled the length and breadth of England, slept in a tent for 36 nights, and had the time of my life.

From Glastonbury, to BeatHerder, to Lattitude and Kendal Calling back-to-back, to the mud of Leeds festival and finally setting sail at Bestival, I feel I've experienced the bad, the great, and the damn right dirtiness of the English Festival Scene. I wont bore you with the details of each festival (expect posts to come,) but seeing City and Colour, Foals, the Maccabees, and many many more it's an experience I'd encourage everyone to be apart of. Sign yourselves up at the beginning of next summer on the Oxfam Website (you must have oxfam experience prior to this.)

                                                                  (The Leeds mud!)

So where am I now? I'm back living in London. I'm originally from a small town near Manchester called Clitheroe (jokes aside,) and have recently moved into a 300 year old house, I've spent less than a week in my family home since we moved so I'm sure you'll all be bombarded with pictures of decorating, redecorating and snapshots of my lovely kitties. My new London home is in the borough of Islington and I'm lucky enough to live with two of my best pals. Expect plenty of reviews, days out, fashion posts, make up posts and just generally what I get up to.